Our Process

Our organic products are among the most supremely natural and nutritious dairy products on the market. That’s because we believe in doing less—not more—when it comes to our food. Our milk comes from small, sustainable farms with average herds of 35 cows. We process the milk at the lowest temperature possible, allowing us to deliver our products in their most natural state.

Our supremely natural process means our products taste different and look different. Because our milk is non-homogenized the cream naturally floats to the top and thickens. This is the true sign of milk in its natural state. The cream naturally separates and rises to the top, allowing customers to skim it off or shake it into our milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, half ‘n half, buttermilk, and more. This cream is rich in vitamins and minerals, and it’s easier on the digestion system.

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No Added Hormones